San Antonio Senior Portrait Photographer

Photography by Juliette's senior portrait experience is centered around one simple word: Empowerment. Seniors who work with Juliette become more confident, more encouraged, and more empowered to be themselves, unapologetically. Invest not only into your memories from senior year, but into yourself as well. 


Behind the lens

I'm juliette, and i'm so glad that you're here. I've started this business because of my love for making others feel good about themselves. I deal with two chronic illnesses, and feeling beat up physically is something that i deal with often, so i've had to learn how to make myself feel my best mentally. i have discovered the power and importance of self love, and want to spread that empowering feeling to my seniors. having some sort of creative outlet was always a must for me, and adding in the social interaction that i get through my portrait sessions makes this my absolute dream job! <3 when I'm not working, you can find me curled up with my rescue pitbull watching sitcoms. 

Juliette's Favorites:

Song: Fred Astaire by Jukebox the Ghost    Morning person/night owl: Night owl!

Color: baby pink     Lens: 35mm   Canon or Nikon: Canon   Social Media: Instagram