Uplifting Sessions by Juliette

You deserve to feel strong, loved, and beautiful... no matter what. 

Let's just get right down to it: having professional photos done is EXPENSIVE! I get it. I know that not everyone can afford to invest into that service. That's why I've created my Uplifting Sessions. These sessions are FREE sessions that I will offer once a month, to one senior in the San Antonio area. All that's required to win is a nomination, either by yourself, or someone else! The nomination form will remain open on my website all year long, and on the last day of each month, I will go through all of the nominations and choose someone to photograph for free for the next month. This session will include the same experience as a paid customer, and will include 20 digital images of the winner's choice from the session (a $375 value). If you, or someone that you know deserves to be uplifted by having some portraits done; whether it's because they're having health issues, financial issues, family problems, or just not in the best state of mind, nominate them for an Uplifting Session. If that person isn't chosen at first...try, try again! Keep nominating people each month until they are chosen. I'm so excited to meet with all of these beautiful seniors throughout San Antonio, and so honored to be able to provide this service each month! <3

How to Qualify:

  • Do you believe that the person you're nominating deserves to win a free session from me?

  • Would having a free senior session help the person that you're nominating financially? Would it help their confidence? Would it give them something fun to do or look forward to?

  • Is the person that you are nominating a current senior in high school in the San Antonio area?

If you answered yes to all three questions....please continue with your nomination! <3

Nominate Someone Here